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Mark Miller, ADHD Life Coach

"After receiving my diagnosis, it gradually began to make sense. Understanding that years of struggles, years of almost-getting-there outcomes, were because I really didn't know who I was or what I wanted and, 'Squirrel!,' shiny objects caught my attention.

I don't have a deficit of attention, but an extreme variability. I don't have a disorder, but a difference. Authors Hallowell, Ratey, Giwerc and others helped me realize that. I now know that where I am is where I need to be - participating in the ADHD awareness community and helping ADDers find out who they are and where they need to be."

Mark Miller has lived the life of a typical ADDer, alternating from the highest of highs (rarely) to the lowest of lows (often,) from exceptional grades to below average. When at age 50, he was diagnosed with ADHD, his world began to change.

Mark read Driven To Distraction, by Hallowell and Ratey, leading to much researching and learning about ADD. He informally coached several students and employees having significant work/life issues, became certified as a Life Coach, and ultimately as an ADHD coach. He has been coaching professionally since 2014.

As an ADDer, Mark is an ADHD Life Coach who can provide added insight and experience because, like his clients, he views the world through a different lens. He’s been there so he truly knows "where they're coming from."

He has over 10 years experience coaching students, adults, and employees with ADHD and Asperger Syndrome. His career includes over 20 years in higher education as Registrar, assistant professor, and distance learning administrator; as well as over ten years in business and non-profit technology management.

Mark Miller holds a PhD in Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel from the University of Mississippi, is a Certified Professional Life Coach - CPLC (Life Coach Institute), and an ADDCA Associate Coach - AAC (ADD Coaching Academy.) He is a member of ADDA and CHADD.

Mark is the founder of ADHD Memphis, LLC and Virtual ADHD Life Coaching, and is co-president of ADHD AS A SKILL SET™, LLC. He and his partner and co-author, Stuart Cohen, are publishing the book, ADHD AS A SKILL SET™ in 2021

Virtual coaching - coast to coast, from California to New York.


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